Friday, May 09, 2008


I'm a UU and a Virginian which can be a tough cohabitation at times.

The Commonwealth has been known to trample over basic tenets of Unitarian Universalism. Making marriage a civil right for all? Nope. Protecting the beautiful environment in which we live? Not if coal or crabs can be harvested.

And UUism is not real comfy with Virginia-isms like... "Heavens to Betsy", "Glory be", and "Hell's bells." So, never did I think I'd be able to say in standard Virginia speak, "I'm going on a mission trip."

But here we go! 9 of us from the two churches are headed down to Mississippi to do some Katrina rebuilding work. The main crew leaves this weekend. I join them on Monday for the week. I doubt I'll be able to blog during the week, but I am planning to take notes and pics and good wishes to our Mississippi UU's.

Tried on my hand-me-down steel toed boots last night. Not lady-like. Don't tell my fellow Virginians.

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