Friday, May 09, 2008

Omens and Synchronicity

There are supercool aspects to being human and I like to keep tabs on them. When having a bad day, I like to run through my little list of the supercool and remember why I am here. Some examples:

1) Anyone who takes public dance breaks.

2) That orange light that sometimes comes at sunset and in which everyone looks like a super-model.

3) Discovering a secret talent in a friend. (This week it was a bring-down-the-house karaoke rendition of "Viva Las Vegas!")

4) The bonding of small children and canines.

5) Synchronicity

On #5 - I have spent 3 months sadly visiting my buddy Canadian blogger's site as he took some time off to do something shady and despicable (work). Twice a week I go and look at previous posts and hope he comes back.

While he was gone, a curio turned up in my front yard. There's a particularly generous and sweet UU who lives on my block.

Me: Did you leave an angel in my yard?

Her: A Venus of Willendorf, or one of those Easter Island statues maybe. An angel, no way.

Me: Good point. Actually I think it is a sprite or a fairy. There's one at the other end of the street, too.

Her: Hey, that's cool. I wish I had left it.

I took some shells that my son had deposited in the yard and put them at the base of the sprite. I had plans for a full-on holy site. I was about to take a pic of it and post it on the blog... and it disappeared.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Canada a picture of angry Jesus floated into my blogging buddy's yard. And he felt the need to write about it.

This is the week to leave an omen in someone's yard.

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