Monday, April 14, 2008

Grinning and Bearing

A friend sent me a joke email full of Jewish koans. I thought this one most appropriate:

If there's no such thing as the self, whose arthritis is this?

My upbeat sick woman moment of the day was: when the physical therapist was using her CIA sanctioned interrogation techniques on me, I pulled out my sneaky green beret response.

I knew a green beret 15 years ago. He went through the training (torment) to be a green beret twice: once as an enlisted man, once as an officer. The second time - he was in his thirties and had been a green beret for over a decade. He told me that when they were smacking him around in the resistance to torture portion, he just started laughing.

Today as the therapist did something to my neck that I was convinced would pull my head off, I giggled. When she stabbed me in the shoulder with the world's sharpest finger, I laughed. And when she pressed on my spine in such a way that I was sure was going to cause paralysis, I guffawed.

Remember this technique. We have a presidential election ahead of us.


ms. kitty said...

You are too much, honey! I'm rolling on the floor.

h sofia said...

I definitely need to remember this. Do you think it works for childbirth/labor?