Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bowling, Black Lights, Worship... It Works!!!

We had the first service of the spiritual block party that is Winding River. A LOT of people came. We needed every single deck chair that was brought and luckily the bowling alley did have a couple dozen folding chairs we could borrow. The theme was "Don't Miss Your Blessing". Every child in attendance (15+ of them) asked to return next week. The musicians and the bowling alley got paid. I did not lose any money.

Now THAT is success.

Music was provided by Velpo on guitar and Roger on sax. It had a street musician kind of feel. They played all jumpy fun stuff. Sara was in charge of the ministry of bubbles. Mary was church secretary. Betye heckled me the whole time.

Jim won the good egg award. Bob earned the voodoo postcard. Laura and Gin almost got in big trouble. Deanna, Betye, and Sam won the door prizes. Mark bowled slowest. One family of four had a complicated scoring system which suggested multiple rule bendings in the interest of family cohesiveness.

Chris drank a beer. David went for soda. Marcia's legs glowed in the black light. Lois giggled. Adelaide drooled. Ian pinched my nose with his toes. Nikki smiled so much I almost cried for joy. Andrea thought I didn't recognize her.

And you. Were you there? Not to rub it in, or anything... but you should have been there. It was low-key, happy, chill, great. The punks AND the hippies called it cool. And the one thing I heard the most was that people felt that they had never had a worship experience like it.

That's pretty much what I was going for.

We have a service this week. 5 PM at Plaza Bowl in Southside Plaza at Belt Boulevard and Hull Street. $7 cover (cash please) but we do have financial aid if needed. Bring a chair. Bowling shoes, worship, music included in the cover. Beverages and snack extra. The theme is "911".

If I do say so myself... I am pretty darn stoked.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Chickie Thinks #3

Another in a series of rambling advice columns by a gal whose only credentials are being old enough to know better, and drying her tears while putting on her armor in record time. (Oh, and that seminary degree and nearly two decades of experience in ministry but no one seems to care about intentionally pursued credentials any more.)

Dear Auspicious Jots,

My ex is making my life hell. We have children. HELP?!?!

The Almost Universal Agony

Monday, August 08, 2011

And I Didn't Have to Say Worm Sex!

It took decades, wars in the Middle East, political unrest at home, the rise of reality television, and a Star Trek prequel but it would seem that at long last - the world needs my completely off-balance, goofy, fun-loving, seize the day and dance in it sense of humor. Thank you, sweet Lawd!!

Do you have any idea how many blank stares and lifted eyebrows have met my ideas over the years? It wasn't until this past weekend that I had the nerve to do a sermon on worm sex just cuz I was inspired to do a sermon on worm sex (and belly buttons, and dead vultures. It worked. I swear!) I finally get old enough, sad enough, strong enough, crazy enough, and tired-of-the-same-old-thing enough to do exactly what I want and I hear a roar of approval from across the country and right here at home. It's almost like "Field of Dreams" but in my case it is "If you think of it and are willing to admit it... they will come!"

Monday, August 01, 2011

The Brand New Thing

I imagine my audience when I write. I see both of you hunched over your computers, your faces illuminated by the screen, your jammies a wee bit askew. You, my mother, are reading this with a New Yorker in your other hand, and another window in your computer open to the Metropolitan Opera schedule.

As for the other you, you are harder to imagine.