Monday, August 08, 2011

And I Didn't Have to Say Worm Sex!

It took decades, wars in the Middle East, political unrest at home, the rise of reality television, and a Star Trek prequel but it would seem that at long last - the world needs my completely off-balance, goofy, fun-loving, seize the day and dance in it sense of humor. Thank you, sweet Lawd!!

Do you have any idea how many blank stares and lifted eyebrows have met my ideas over the years? It wasn't until this past weekend that I had the nerve to do a sermon on worm sex just cuz I was inspired to do a sermon on worm sex (and belly buttons, and dead vultures. It worked. I swear!) I finally get old enough, sad enough, strong enough, crazy enough, and tired-of-the-same-old-thing enough to do exactly what I want and I hear a roar of approval from across the country and right here at home. It's almost like "Field of Dreams" but in my case it is "If you think of it and are willing to admit it... they will come!"
Thank you ahead of time to all the people who have said, "A spiritual community in a vintage bowling alley? Cool!"

"You don't have a thin dime in your pocket and you are doing it anyway? Awesome."

"I get to wear whatever I want and bring my own chair? Sounds good to me."

"You never ever want a building with a mortgage? Me neither!"

To answer some other questions quickly: YES to the following

* Plaza Bowl is not 100% accessible but it is accessible in all the areas required for experiencing the service. I will check on the bathrooms this week.

* This is an all ages and truly multi-faith community. Got no idea what you think about spiritual and religious matters? We've got plenty of your kin, too.

* Introverts are welcome! (It was a real question and I am glad it was asked.) I have enough extrovert tendencies to cover most of the room.

* Singles, couples, the widowed, the living "in sin" and loving it, gay, lesbian, married, divorced, bi, transgender, it's complicated... all welcome. If you can't be honest about whom you love in a community like this, I believe it would not be worth it. Just my opinion but it looks like I'm in charge so there it is!

And the answers to the following are NO -

* No smoking in the building

* No furry friends other than service animals. Yes, my bowling ferret is furious and will not speak to me.

* No, you do not have to bowl. Cover charge is the same because it is for the space and the band. The owner is throwing the shoe rentals and the hour of bowling in because he is a really nice man who thinks I am crazy but intriguing.

* No this is not a formal event in any sense of the word. I'm planning to have fun and want you to, as well.

The following is what was posted on the Facebook page for this blog. If you want to get the nitty gritty all along you can "like" Auspicious Jots on Facebook.

Thank you again to you loopy, fed up, fun, wild, loving, friendly, adventure seekers who keep me juiced on this endeavor. For those of you who are supporting this from far away. Yes, there will be t-shirts, bumper stickers, and updates to keep you in the program.

From the Facebook invite which is a public event open to all:

The First Service of Winding River at Plaza Bowl

A Multi-faith, all ages, music loving, spiritual and philosophical community open to the potential zaniness that comes when the Rev. Alane Cameron Miles has the freedom to do whatever she thinks might work in a service.

Bring a deck chair in case we run out and because they will be more comfy. There will be a cover charge because the wonderful owner of Plaza Bowl is allowing me to do this without a prepaid rental fee!!! If you unemployed, in financial distress, or on a limited income - your cover will be taken care of by an anonymous friend.

If you are willing to be an anonymous friend, please contribute in the helping hand bucket.

Please bring cash for the cover. $7 suggested to pay Plaza Bowl and the band. And the cover gets you: the service, the band, AND shoe rental AND an hour of duckpin bowling. We are the ONLY RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY IN RICHMOND who can offer that!

If this service has high enough attendance, it will be followed by two more at Plaza Bowl. Other venues will include outdoor venues, places that may have a double life as "bars" at other times, and anywhere that sounds fun and works for our group size. Whatever that may be.

Theological perspectives welcome include the following and any combinations thereof: Agnostic, Humanist, Uncertain, Christian, Earth Centered, Pantheist, Jewish, Atheist, Given-Up-On-Religion, Muslim, Hindu, Just Looking, Curious, Afraid-that-lightning-will​-strike-if-you-enter-a-tra​ditional-house-of-worship,​ General Theist, Panentheist, and The-One-That-Believes- My-Afterlife-Will-Be-Share​d-With-My-Pets.

Attire - whatever makes you happy.

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