Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Cry for Me Blog-en-tina

In the ongoing saga of ridiculous things I do...I went to Mississippi only 10 days after my nasty finger destruction. Supposedly I was there to help with the rebuilding effort (my second trip) and to lead my merry band of UUs. I was only marginally successful but the crew was amazing. Not only did they caulk, grout, hammer, measure, cut, fit, support, mop, cook and saw on the job, but they helped keep me healthy enough to do some work, too. Or they reminded me to take my pain meds when I would sit down in the middle of somewhere, hold my hand above my head, and mumble, "Uh oh."

This time we brought our own carpenter to help speed the process along. When he was not leading the crew and helping the construction manager...

He peeled my shrimp for me. Yes. It was great!
(This is the point where I suddenly lose my sympathetic audience.)

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Anonymous said...

Alane, UU are doing a great job. We are proud of you and miss you. Carroll and Joanie