Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Photos Anyone?

One of my favorite quilts at the show. It was in a section of quilts based on punchlines.

Birthdays call for key lime pie and the soft hues of candlelight. (Note my buddy Stephen in the back pondering, "I bet she wishes for more pie.")

I don't know what to say here. I opened my door one afternoon and there was a Mucha Lucha match playing out on my front porch.

The new babies. Darwin giving me her seductive, "Let me lick your hand" stare while Chicken exercises his God given right to curl up on the bed. Or so he tells me.

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ned said...

Your posts are just sheer delight to read, Dear Lady, and I learn something worthwhile from each and every one! I hope you will consider continuing them in some form after September (though will understand if you don't; you deserve a "life" after all)- they surely brighten the day for lots of us... :-))))