Sunday, December 12, 2010


I've been reading about reduced attention spans in our culture due to multi-media saturation. Since you are savvy enough to figure out blog reading, you are obviously at risk. In the hopes of keeping my readership interested, here are some blog post "trailers" that may actually get written this week.

1) Hanukkah Re-do: Why the Hell not? On any given night half of the household was sick during Hanukkah. Now that the festival of lights is over, the youngest one blinks Manga large, tear-filled eyes today and says, "Mommy, when are we going to shred the potatoes for latkes?" Looks like the miracle continues into 16 nights?!?

2) The Last Supper meets Asian Porcelain Porn Spent a few days in NYC with my adorable mother and was struck by the odd juxtapositions offered in that city. Yep, I took pictures.

3) Bish and Dame It - Teaching the next generation to cuss. I thought the hubby was getting our son closer to nature, instead he was teaching him the intricate laws of obscenities.

4) Well, looky there: I'm a joiner! - I was raised Unitarian Universalist - the only portal into religion for the non-joiners and staunch individualists of this world now that "Father Ted" is off the air. At 9 I already had issues with the rigid strictures of the Brownies. ("What do you mean we meet every Wednesday?") I believe that line dancing needs to be subverted and I relish going in through the out door. So how did I develop this recent compulsion for joining?

Don't those sound just grand? We'll see if I have a long enough attention span to write any more this week.

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Blue Lass said...

I'm pretty impressed you got through a list of four. I've decided to limit my New Year's Resolutions to three this year, because, damn.