Friday, July 01, 2011


Even bloggers get homework. In an effort to fix some of the issues that have plagued this blog I am taking a class. This class has promised to help me be more techno savvy. Those of you who have read the blog from the start know that my original blog name was Rev. Luddite so this knowledge does not come easy.

My latest lesson is one in formatting. As we all know, I have lengthy posts. Word on the street is that some of you would like to be able to scroll through and see which ones you have already read more easily. This formatting jump break is an attempt to do just that. So far... it has not worked.

Have you ever read HTML? Yes? How can you be a fan of the vague goofiness of this blog and have the ability to read HTML? God bless ya. I've been gazing and scrolling through code from midnight until 1:30 AM. It looks like those holy tattoos in Thailand to me. I am almost positive Angelina Jolie has a tattoo in HTML.

Aw, hells bells! It worked. Look out, world! Mama's got a brand new dance. I just changed my preview feature while editing and BEHOLD! And then she said...

In future blogs look for the And then she said... when viewing the blog from the home page. You will be able to see the intros to multiple postings at a glance. Water boarding has got to be easier than this. Thank you for your patience. Excuse me while I go brush my teeth and do my victory dance in the bathroom mirror.

2 comments: said...

You're doing a better job of the homework assignments than I am! I've learned a lot, but no way am I looking at no HTML code, girl! But maybe that's why your blog looks better than mind! Can I use old age as an excuse??

Old Gal said...

Oops, I meant "better than mine"