Tuesday, April 10, 2007

All the things I forgot to do (OK, not all)

It would appear that I have forgotten some follow-up on recent blogging issues. Imagine that.

The Tennebrae service was well-attended considering it was our first year trying it. This is a service about darkening: night falling, acknowledging evil, considering the darkest hours of life. We held the service in candlelight and as the service progressed candles were extinguished. The service ended in complete darkness and silence.

My partner in ministry brought this service with her. I particularly liked that the service does not attempte to resolve the issue of evil or wrap it up neatly. Evil is represented through newspaper articles from the past year. Each article is read by a different volunteer, whom we did not ask ahead of time. Articles were about local, national, and international incidents, wars, violence, abuse, and neglect. The different voices in the darkness added another dimension to the service. Response was positive in a "Wow, that was deep. And dark." sort of way.

My Daddy is out of the hospital. He is weak and has an abundance of complications, however, none are life-threatening. This made Easter particularly meaningful for me. Winter to Spring, death to life, sorrow to rejoicing. It's not my holiday, but I finally get it.

Fabulous Uncle Dan returns to FL. Booooo. The only drawback to my father's recovery is my uncle felt like he could resume his normal life at home with his family. The nerve. I miss him already.

Spring reverie halted by freak April snowstorm. This is Virginia, and Central VA at that. To have our first decent snow of the year in April... well, I had to call my sister to make sure I hadn't lost my mind. My sleepy first thought was, "Slurpees fell from the sky." I took some REALLY great photos for the blog. I have absolutely no idea where the disc is. So for you, it might snow in June.

Computer dies on Good Friday and is resurrected on the Monday after Easter. Freakish but true. That's why I've been out of touch. Good to be back. Kids are on Spring Break so I will have nothing but GoGurt, SpongeBob, and hotel pools to blog on until then. For your sake, I'll probably refrain from blogging.

Peace out, y'all.

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ms. kitty said...

Thanks for the updates on Tenebrae and your dad. I'm glad to hear things have improved, even if the snow has turned white instead of pink. Enjoy spring break!