Monday, April 02, 2007

More Rites of Spring

Naturally, moments after I have posted my Guy Wonders inspired musings on the rites of Spring I visit the Incredulous Traveler and get a great zing on his. So if you are interested in the Passover side of things, as I am, go read his Passover/Matzoh/Industrial Revolution post.

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Adam Byrn "Adamus" Tritt said...

It is wonderful to have you drop by and I am delighted you enjoyed our litle poem.

Of course, I made my own matzah this Passover, as I do each year. As my daughter and I made this, using a recipie WITH yeast (But NOT letting it rise) she remarked on how much we had to hurry and rush to accomplish our task before the dough started to rise. She became more aware of just what matzah symbolises that way.

She had looked at a recipie that had no yeast and realised, with that one, we could have taken our time, relaxed, let the dough sit... and how much more real it felt, how much more connected to the holiday, to have to accomplish this task FAST.

Whole wheat we ground ourselves rather fine. Whole oats we ground to corse meal and then we added whole oats. Lots of fiber? You bet.

A family baking experience my daughter drove three hours for.

Enjoy the spring around you as I do so vicariously.