Friday, June 08, 2007

Shameless plugs and Unintentionally shameless plugs

Found a great post at The Cleaner Plate Club. Attention single women who are pro-organic farming, looking for a male mate, and ready to work your tails off. This guy is uber impressive. (If only I could find an umlaut on this keyboard...) Bravo to Cleaner Plate Club for giving him a shameless plug. I include his photo as an encouragement to head over to her site(for the farming info, of course) and also because he bears an eerie resemblance to one of my best buddy funeral directors who is about the same age, but hanging out in rural Virginia.

Speaking of shameless plugs... it would appear that I am not an unbiased, common gal on the street reporter. Went back to Kitchen 64 for a quick lunch with the kidlets today. Turns out that I know most of the honchos and honchettes around that joint. Distantly, but I still know them.
Oops. Please believe me when I say, I really didn't know that when I posted before.

But now that I know, please let me also say that these are REALLY nice people. I mean REALLY. Hard working, kindhearted, haven't been home in 3 weeks because they're slaving over the labor of love that is Kitchen 64 kind of people. And thanks to an anonymous comment on my last post I checked out the entrees. Wow. So what do ya' say, Northside? Let's keep this one going after all the tourists stop filling it.
Shameless plug transmission ended.

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Jim said...

I liked your word "kidlets". It reminds me of our yard, where we had two successful nests, one of titmice, or titmouses, and one of cowbirds. About 6 or 7 or so "birdlets" were born, leaving me with the empty nests to clean. Say why do birds abandon empty nests, while we humans continue to live in them?