Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christine Gibson, Rest in Peace and Give 'Em Hell

Okay, Auspicious Blog regulars: a quick test.

Does anyone recall how I always say, "Go see live music! You never know what you might miss. GO!"


The life of Christine Gibson, punk goddess and cool chick extraordinaire, is the latest in my long line of examples of why you need to see bands live. Christine was the front woman for one of Richmond, VA's proto-punk bands Beex.

Christine in her younger years was known to throw a punch or two if things got too rowdy at a show. Christine was known for her showmanship, her gutsy growl, and her wide knowledge of rock-n-roll. Christine was about as wide as a pencil and was known to carry a box cutter in her pocket at all times. Just in case.

In recent years, Christine was known for her longevity on the music scene, her love for all canines, her career with Vatex, and her phenomenally successful work as a wife to Tom and mother of Maria (two more of Richmond's coolest residents).

If needed, she could whup yo tail on the game cube, too.

Before I understood the complexities of motherhood, I used to pray to the goddess of all mothers that I could be a punk rock mama. I am not up for the job. Christine Gibson was up for it and is the image I had in my mind.

Chrisine Gibson died this week at 55. Her husband says (go to video - click on photo of Christine in glasses) that if you didn't see Beex live, you just can't get it. On January 13, 2007 they had their last show at Alley Katz. The Offenders played, too. I was supposed to go and didn't. My life is a little less bright because of that omission.

This Friday at 1 PM at Hollywood Cemetery Christine's family, friends, and fans will gather to celebrate her life. We are going to do this woman up right. If you would like to visit her remains before she is cremated there is a visitation this evening at Bliley's on Augusta. She is wearing sunglasses, as usual, and has a box cutter. Just in case.

May she rest in peace AND may her spirit keep on kickin' ass and giving 'em hell.


ms. kitty said...

Yes, I remember. And yes, she was a wonder. Thanks, Jots. I'm laying a wildwoman to rest myself this afternoon.

Lizard Eater said...

She sounds like she was very cool. As do you.

That's it. Forget final grades. I'm hopping a plane to come hang out with you. ;)

Anonymous said...

I just found out about Christine this weekend. I first saw her on the day she and Tom brought Maria to elementary school, all dressed in black, looking like rockers. I later came to know them as open, funny, caring people. Rock on Christine!....Mike S.