Thursday, May 08, 2008

Eleven Days

Eleven Days

4 Sunday AM services
1 Sunday PM service
2 Vespers services
5 staff meetings
2 weddings
1 guest lecture at seminary
2 books read
11 breakfast battles between two children
18 trips to and from 2 schools
4 sessions of PT
2 sessions of dry needling (Yes, it is as bad as it sounds.)
1 all ages Kentucky Derby party (left before the tragedy)
1 night karaoke (surreal)
2 vet visits
5 close calls with a dying beagle
1 postponed memorial service for beagle (yay!)
13 newspapers read
2 nights insomnia

no TV
no blogging
no front porch feet propping/cloud gazing
no bundt cakes baked

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ms. kitty said...

YIKES! Take it easy, girl!