Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome to the horror!

My first facebook message was the title of this post. It came from a man whom I've known since he was a boy. He is funny, laid back, sweet and he caught me off-guard. "What on earth is he talking about?" I wondered.

Well, it is two weeks later. I now have 127 friends on facebook. I know thanks to the 250 emails that confirmed those friendships. I have received pokes, superpokes, flair, pear trees, beer, 80s toys, and a variety of star wars figures. Or so the endless emails tell me. None of these things seem to actually exist. They are just the way facebook friends say "hi."

I have reunited with at least a dozen old friends I haven't seen in years. I've checked in on the baby pics of classmates, work buddies, and SUUSI pals. And I regularly report my status and check the status of friends. (Rennie is still cleaning up the dog mess. Alane is pleading not guilty. Marco is watching Hungarian soap operas.)

As a woman who has done a lot of weird stuff in her life - performance art, military training, tending bar, following bands, giving birth...

Facebook has to be one of the weirder things.

Status: Alane is in the horror, but at least I know folks here.

1 comment:

Lizard Eater said...

When you begin to TWITTER, I think you will have to remove the Luddite moniker, as it will prove that you are completely recovered.

Or maybe that you're just a lapsed Luddite.

"Strange days indeed. Most peculiar, Mama."