Thursday, December 18, 2008

Return of the Claw

Watch your peanut M&M's. I've been released back into the wild by my hand doctor. He feels that I am healthy enough to forage for sustenance and care for my young outside the cage. This may be a week or two premature but then, he knows I am on steroids for the RA which means...

I CAN DO ANYTHING!! Except - remember anything for 5 minutes or get my internet connection up.

Sorry for the silence. My tech king is working on the internet problems. The steroids are working on getting my hand to move. And my muse is stirring from her late Fall hibernation just in time for the Solstice service.

Come on out and hang with us Sunday night at 6:00 PM for the First UU Solstice celebration. We will be observing the timeless equinoxian shifting from dark to light in that natty First UU/Rev. Alane fashion for which we are known. (Think ritual + band + Ukrainian soloist + good company. Wear your urban druid rock star outfit.) The service will be followed by a trip to the labyrinth in Northside. (Add comfy shoes and warm coat to previously described outfit.)

Hey, look at you! You are more centered, hip, and happy by having read this. Now fork over the M&M's. Mama has mouths to feed.

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