Friday, January 02, 2009

Day 1 - Study Leave

Let's go back in time. Imagine a simpler time when all the world looked new. Think back... to yesterday.

I am on study leave for the month of January. Some people call these sabbaticals, but 31 days is not a sabbatical. Then again, most people never get a study leave or a sabbatical, so I am NOT complaining. It is my personal goal to either make everyone want a study leave and construct their lives to make that possible, OR to show the world that four day work weeks and early retirement are a better answer. We'll see.

When planning my time off, one of my goals was to blog... every day. Just a little. Just to share a bit of wisdom that day had to offer. I don't expect I'll get a study leave again so, at the very least, this month's blogging could be my souvenir of the experience. All good ideas.

But yesterday I did not blog. Let's not call this an omen, OK? Hence, the time travel back to yesterday.

January 1 - New Year's Day, my husband's birthday, first day of study leave. Isn't that a bit much for one day to have to be carrying around?

We began the day with a 5 family sleepover breakfast extravaganza at a friend's house. Discernment: bacon is good.

We ended the day with a birthday dinner at my mother's house.
Discernment: when other people cook, it is very good.

In typical fashion, I did two hours of work. Oh well.

But why did I NOT blog? Why did I betray my study goals on the very first day?
Discernment: Ricardo Montalban.

Hubby had been saving the Netflix of Star Trek's original series, episode 24 "Space Seed" guest starring Ricardo Montalban as Khan. At the end of the day I could blog or get my geek on. As if that is even a choice. Besides, it was his birthday.

Reading material for the day: old McSweeney's issue and a Burpee catalogue

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How about an update on the night terrors?