Thursday, January 08, 2009

Day 7 - Study Leave Grindstone

Enough already. 7! Day 7! I've got to get crackin' on this study thing, don't I? I mean what kind of brilliant mind massage and spirit sauna have I had in the past week? Pot roast in a cabin? Flunking hand therapy? Reading a novel in which everyone on earth appears to be a character. (He does a decent job on you, I thought, but I completely disagree with that thing he said about your ears. Just ignore it.)

I was a woman on a mission this morning. What says study leave to you? What two things embody the full breadth of possibility in a ministerial sabbatical, no matter how brief? What would the good minister start the day off with?

That's right.


And filing.

No kidding. From 8 AM until midnight I... no, not meditated. That was 20 minutes in the car parked in front of the house when the rain was pelting on the roof. For the bulk of 16 hours I sorted, organized, recycled, deciphered, and filed.

It was miserable. Tomorrow I am doing kitchen karaoke with the kids before school, crawling back into bed and reading or sleeping all day.

Sue me.

Discernment: Doing the expected thing is not necessarily doing the right thing.

Reading: Yes! magazine and two sentences to a paragraph on a thousand pieces of paper.


Lizard Eater said...

Filing ... that's the UU monk's version of self-flagellation, right?

Wouldn't it be easier to just say Three Olympia Browns and one Our Father/Our Mother/Our Transcending Mystery Named and Nameless?

Just stay away from Matthew 5:30. That's all I'm saying.

john griffin said...

I find that AFGO is grossly overated.

Down Home Real Estate Stuff said...

May I be the first? Let's not call THIS an omen either. I think you are clearly avoiding omens by decluttering your life, and hey, let's face it, failing the gription test(resurrected from a tire commercial I think) is not the end of the world,and any incantations to" get a grip" are certainly self defeating.
So, I will just happily stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

Only on day 7 and you have already reached the point of your inner angst. I'm impressed but not surprised. You are ahead of most folks on sabbatical.

kate said...

as your blog entries have ceased, am I to assume you have quieted your mind, heart and soul and settled into the blessing of an all too brief hiatus from 24/7 caregiving. May it be so.