Monday, February 16, 2009


I. At Lunch

Me: As an atheist, you...

Lunch Guest: I am NOT an atheist.

Me: Well, you used to be an atheist. You gave me all those great atheist articles over the years.

Lunch Guest: Yes... I used to be an atheist, but... I... well...

My Husband: But then you found doubt! My brother, welcome!

II. At Breakfast

: I like your shiny basketball pants, Mama.

Me: Thank you, sweetie.

Daughter: I want a pair of shiny basketball pants. Will you buy me some?

Me: Hmmmm... I don't know. What am I going to use for money?

Daughter: You could use those coins with the chocolate in them we had at Hanukkah.

III. At Supper

Friend: So how is it going talking to church members about your departure?

Me: They have been mostly understanding. We talk about the changes in the congregation over the past five years...

Son: Mama...

Me: I see my call as more of a community ministry...

Son: Psst... Mama...

Me: ... elements of polity and the calling of the next...

Son: MAMA!

Me: What?!

Son: You can't do that. That's fibbing. You can't tell lies. Just tell them the truth. You are leaving to hang out with me and my sister and dada.

IV. A Monologue

Daughter to new dog as she rubs his ears and looks into his face: You are a good doggie. What a pretty doggie you are. You are a cute doggie. I love you. You are so cute. And when you die we are going to get another pretty doggie who is as cute as you are. Good boy!

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Anonymous said...

I love the fact that the children always put things into perspective...