Monday, May 11, 2009

Lizard Eater and Auspicious Jots join for Blogging Super Power

(Insert choice curse words here) I forgot the whole reason I turned the computer on in the first place. Lizard Eater is coming! My long lost twin is coming to visit! This is the choicest thing I have done lately as a grownup. I mean producing life twice was cool and all, but this is over the top.

Lizard Eater is my blogging buddy (see the sidebar for her link.) Her sweet, deranged husband gave her a ticket to visit me for Christmas. I say deranged because he knew that he could email me and I would agree to it, even though I don't know him from Adam.

Have Lizard Eater and I ever met? No. Have we ever talked on the phone? No. Can I remember the names of her posse of children in the right order? No, but I am working on that one.

Is my house fit for company after two weeks of my being bed ridden? Heck no. Do I want her to come anyway and has she agreed? Hell yeah! My husband has already asked if it is ok to call her Liz. The children think I am kidding that a Lizard Eater is coming to live with us.

She asked me for a packing list awhile ago. Those of you who have seen my daily fashion choices know that she should probably raid her Halloween costume stash. I told her to bring all the clothes that she doesn't feel gutsy enough for at home. And her dance shoes. Let's hope I am well enough to live up to the fashion.

This is like a pen pal coming to visit. Or for those of you who have not been mated since the dawn of time (as both Lizard Eater and I have) it is like long distance internet dating. It is also imminently bloggable. So stay tuned to hear both versions of five days of infamy and giggles.
Here's her link to the first installment. We welcome all ideas for activities and mayhem.


ms. kitty said...

This is ever so cool! Do keep us posted (no pun intended).

Chalicechick said...

(((We welcome all ideas for activities and mayhem.)))

Road trip to visit CC?

We could visit the founding church of scientology in the Fraser mansion in Duport circle and give our least favorite people's names as our names when asked to sign in, we could go fountain jumping, we could just find a protest and join it at random, we could wander around the spy museum announcing in mock horror "But that's CLASSIFIED!", we could go to a burlesque show at the Palace of Wonders...

Or we could just get a few drinks at my favorite neighborhood bar and hang out.

Or I could drive 100 miles to see you.

Or we could each drive 50 miles and eat at the tackiest restaurant we could find in Fredricksburg.

Or you could decide that this trip was really about y'all connecting to each other and that you'd catch me next time.

All of the above are acceptable to me.


Every 7th Day said...

Yo, CC,
I published the itinerary with you in mind. Feel free to join us for any leg and I can get you details.

Ad should we miss you, when I get well we must do Chili Mac and Frozen Custard in Fredericksburg.