Friday, May 01, 2009

VM - what are you thinking?

I had a lot of hopes for keeping a blog. Good writing practice. Connect with church members. Get discovered at long last by some blues band.

Little did I know that my blog would have a different legacy: Evidence for some future epidemiologist that I was patient 0 when the big one came.

Had a swab stuck up my nose and tickling the back of my eyeball yesterday so that I can say I do not have swine flu. Seemed like that would have been simple enough, but they kept asking questions. And more questions. And a lot of eyebrow lifting by the doc.

Then the pronouncement: Viral Meningitis.

Now, for my regular readers, here's the funny part. The telltale symptom was confusion. Guess I've had viral meningitis for at least 6 years and it seems to be caused by pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding, and motherhood.

As usual, the blessing of knowing a lot of people means I know a lot of people who have had viral meningitis. The prognosis is great. Only half of them wear bibs in public because of it.

I did not go on the arthritis walk. Thank you to everyone who pledged. I would like to recommend to the Arthritis Foundation that those of us who raise $1,000 by selling indulgences earn the right to keep our weary, wobbly cartilage in bed on walk day. (I did do a memorial service and a wedding that day, but neither required ambulation before 9AM. Say what you will about the UUs, but we are civilized about mornings.)

My prescription is to stay in bed until Monday morning when I may or may not go down to Mississippi. We'll see. Hint to the epidemiologist of the future: people who are willing to admit in public that they have viral meningitis that they had tested for swine flu and that they will go from their sickbed to a mission trip are most likely to cause the global germ apocolypse. But please note- I took all of my antibiotics and did not show my face in public with a fever. So, nyah.

I've also been out of touch blogwise because my internet at home has been "erratic." When will customer service reps finally say the word "broken?"

Then again, maybe I am evidence for some future programmer that I was techno idiot 0 when the big one came.

My husband has just received his third "I dunno" from me in response to a question. Not my fault. He's grilling me. When did the internet start working? What time did I eat lunch? Where is our 3 year old? Geez.

He has also pointed out that the swelling around my brain should keep me from making public pronouncements via the erratic internet. Would there be any blogging in this world if we all followed that rule? There he goes with the raised eyebrow. I seem to have an illness that causes other people's eyebrows to leap.

He has also pointed out that when searching my compacted brain for the name of my diagnosis the other night, ole' tight skull came up with: Vehicular Manslaughter, Virginius Mobeley, and Vagina Monologues.

Put that eyebrow back.


ms. kitty said...

Good grief, AC! How can you have had VM for 6 years? Is that true? Please, be well! I miss you.

leslie A said...

I told Ric this morning you had meningitis before you announced it. You know swelling brain, confusion, and unwelcome diagnosis were dead giveaways. The reason you got on Face Book is for this moment when all your friends could send healing energy your way.

Jim said...

"Viral meningitis", letters rearranged, is "A living minister".

Every 7th Day said...

No, I haven't really had it for 6+ years.I've been a mother that long and some of the symptoms are the same.

All the sweet emails and facebook notes and comments have been lovely. There is only one problem. The amnesia means that I forget that I have gotten any. I get really grumpy and dejected. Then I find them all again.

Hmmm, I guess it is time to watch "Memento" again.

Tom said...

"All the sweet emails and facebook notes and comments have been lovely. There is only one problem. The amnesia means that I forget that I have gotten any. I get really grumpy and dejected. Then I find them all again."

So do you feel a kinship with Dory in Finding Nemo? ;-) Try not to lose my better half next week. Cheers and hope you get to feeling better.

Ira C said...

Hey Special Friend;
I hope by now you are getting back up to speed. We miss you more than any words can express. But, me thinks that with the growing family, the arthritis, and we, your demanding UU disciples, you have been pushing yourself much too hard.
It's painful to even suggest it, but maybe September is a bridge a little too far. We had rather just see you on special occasions and see you healthy.

Anonymous said...

I am using the wally computer today because mine is in the shop again.
Being sick stinks--now isn't that quite profound? I am so sorry that you haven't been up to your everyday celebrating. Please take good care of yourself. We miss you. Get a band called "Illness Chasers" and have them play for you. When you don't need them anymore we could send them all over town to continue their important work. Judth

Anonymous said...

You have more than earned the right to stay in bed on Walk day! The Arthritis Foundation appreciates you and all you do (and I personally appreciate your blog and your sense of humor, as well). We hope you're feeling better!

Take care,
Angela McMillan
Arthritis Foundation - Atlanta