Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Death Club Celebrates Poe!

We have a business with no office. It's mighty darn cold. My sister had her purse stolen in a most obnoxious way. And our 4 year old began the day by vomiting in our bed.

There's only one thing that can pull me from this funk... DEATH CLUB!

This Saturday (January 16) is the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's birth and the venerated and quirky Poe Museum of distinguished Richmond, Virginia is throwing a party. Let's join them, shall we?

Arrive at 1914 East Main Street no later than 5:30 or you will miss the zombie cheerleaders. At 6 we will take part in the Eerie Nights ghost tour. After all this joy and fun we may head off to supper somewhere close unless we are all freezing and miserable; in which case you can pick up your Death Club Calendar of upcoming events and head home.

For more information on the Poe celebrations go to

For more on Death Club: stay tuned here or see you at Poe!

Happy Birthday to Poe!
Happy Birthday to Poe!
He wrote frightening stories...
And led a life of woe!


Anonymous said...

Ummm...sorry but the zombie cheerleaders won't be there.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot. Poe was born on January 19th. They are having the birthday party on the weekend so more people can attend.

Seriously, the cheerleaders won't be there. There was a mix up in the scheduling.

Death Becomes Her said...

There were no zombie cheerleaders... but the zombie dancers were entertaining. Perhaps one of the odder things the Death Club has done.

The ghost tour scared the snot out of the 7 year old.