Monday, January 11, 2010

Living Up in the Air

Things have been up in the air at home and work.

My husband and I have gone into business together which is either one of our more brilliant decisions (like having kids), or one of our less inspired ones (like living at Ft. Bragg, NC). Only time will tell.

Right now we are hustling every day just to do the basic work tasks because we have no office space. Well, that's an exaggeration. We have coffee shops, courthouse meeting rooms, my husband's car, and our dining room table. But other than that, no office space.

{------ This is our office space last week. Once the space is done I am hoping that stilt man will remain. He is chill and seems nice, and hell, how many law offices do you know with a guy on stilts walking around?

I am in the early stages of discerning how a fifteen year career in ministry translates into being an office manager and Gal Friday in a family business. Right now I am just surprised and grateful each day that no one appears to be dying. They are all in jail... but you pick your blessings.

Will be posting the Death Club calendar shortly. I have a dozen events planned in the coming months for all who embrace life and make sure their ducks are in a row in case of death. In case of incarceration... call the office. The lines are forwarded to the coffee shop/dining room table.


Andrew said...

Nothing says professional law office like a stilts man, perhaps maybe a guy juggling too. I wonder if Johnathan Austin is available?

Incognito said...

My resolution for the year, if you want to call it that, it to get my ducks in a row in case I expire at some point. I guess it will happen, so why deny the inevitable? I am looking forward to your seminars and hope that I can attend and be inspired once again.

Wishing you the best in your new "office" life and office space!

Ira C said...

What you need now is a good "pitchman". Just watched William Shatner doing his thing for the firm of Mike Slocum.