Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dancing Queen Minister Angst and Honor

I can't believe I am going through with this.

I am getting ready to hit the road with 15 people I love to go to a ceremony in Charlotte. It is called Final Fellowship. It's a Unitarian Universalist minister thing. I have mixed feelings about it. That's why I invited my family and friends. If I hadn't - I would not be going right now. I'd be thinking about smoothie flavors.

Now I am doing both. Mango.... yum.

So here we go. It is an earned privilege and an honor to receive final fellowship they tell me. If I were not an office manager, boogie mama, Gulf Coast rebuilder, home brewer, full body tambourine player, occasional guest performer in local bands, bail bondsman's assistant, and ethics instructor for funeral directors... it might feel less weird.

I've got Trombone Shorty blasting on the hi fi. I have goodie bags for all my fellow travellers packed. I have more Mardi Gras beads, feather boas, and party supplies than anyone else going to this thingy. Guaranteed.

And I have the best friends, supporters, fans, nudgers, family and co-conspirators anyone with the job description listed above could hope for.

So here we go. I feel kind of sick to my stomach.

If you want to watch this thing it can be found at and is called the Service of the Living Tradition. Tonight some time. And they may have it online for awhile. I don't really know.

Or even better - find me at a music venue this summer. I'll be more in my element.

Gotta finish packing. Feeling wobbly and nervous. Trombone Shorty is egging me on.



Teresa Youngblood said...

Go, Jotter! You Can Do It! You will be great, and the smoothies afterward will be all the sweeter!

The Jotter said...

I love you, Teresa!

Yes, I survived it. And everything is sweeter now that it is OVER. Thank you