Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Instead of Losing Weight...

I have decided to take a class to re-design this blog and fix my broken one.

"What broken one?" you ask.


I find it fascinating (which is sometimes spelled h-o-r-r-i-f-y-i-n-g) that I would rather spend money on a blogging class than go to a gym. But I will feel so much better about going to a bar after this than I would after the gym.
Yeah... I am in the class. Yeah... I should probably pay attention right now. Html discussion or beer dreams: which would you choose?

After class my friends, family, and I will go out to observe my aunt's birthday. She would be over 50 and she would want me to keep the digits vague.

But she is not on this mortal plane per her own choosing. So we celebrate her birthday because it is much more uplifting than mourning her - which I, for one, am still doing.

Ok... back to class. Look for changes afinger.

Hmmm. That sounded better in my head.


Egg said...


ginjerc said...

Just wanted you to know I'm still hanging around here and enjoying your musings. New design is cool, and thanks for the inspiration to celebrate the birthday of a lost loved one instead of recognizing the death day. Miss seeing your face.

Nan said...

As long as you keep writing and I get to read, I don't really care what it looks like! (But will look for and appreciate the changes). grin.N Okay. come on! your word verification for me is flujugs. REally!