Monday, February 13, 2012

Geek Love Day

Wow! I just saw the introduction to the Star Trek:The Next Generation episode featuring Stephen Hawking playing poker against Cmdr. Data, Einstein, and Newton. I was consumed by feverish shivers of dweeb happiness. This made me think of all the little geeky passions of life. In honor of Valentine's Day I am sharing geeky stuff I love.

Religious Doof
 - Collecting translations and editions of the Bible
 - Singing the lyrics to the theme of Gilligan's Island to the tune of Amazing Grace
 - Attending services of random congregations whose theology I don't share
 - Religious tchotchkes
 - Anything Catholic Saint related, particularly if it is magnetized, bobbled, or hologrammed
 - Dervish skirts

Gadgets Dork
 - Lunch boxes
 - Roller skates
 - The Wii balance board, even though it often cries "Oof!" when I step on it
 - My USB powered lava lamp
 - Any gadget that plays music - from nose harps to giant pipe organs
 - Vintage purses
 - Cheese knives shaped like people
 - Blenders (because they make smoooooothies and smoooooooothies are sexy)

Sewing Nerd
 - Do I really need to be specific? I'm a sewing geek. I refuse to make it worse through sharing my overwhelming pride at being able to make my children pants and skirts without patterns.

Sci-Fi Goof
 - Those spooky Borg
 - Klingon love rituals
 - Hans Solo when he is fussy
 - Yoda before the re-do
 - "I Know Kungfu!" Oh, Keanu, *sigh*
 - "Old Busted vs. the New Hotness" Oh, Fresh Prince, *sigh*
 - Lang's Metropolis
 - The persistent belief that alien life is primarily concerned with probing the human anus
 - All Frankenstein based story lines
 - Fox Mulder always and forever

Opera Dweeb
 - Dmitri Hvorostovsky's hair progression from salt and pepper to white
 - Jerry Springer, The Opera - No lie, it was supah dupah fly
 - All operas with seriously pissed off women
 - The wig shop of The Met
 - Whacked out modern productions of the classics - There's nothing I'd rather see than Madame Butterfly dressed as the Teletubbies's golden siren "La La".

Sartorial  Geek-o-rama
 - Every variation of Chuck Taylor Converse
 - Combat boots with metallic spray paint
 - Bowling shoes
 - Overalls not worn one bit ironically
 - Knee socks
 - Mittens
 - Bandanas
 - Glasses with or without tape repair
 - Plaids, stripes, florals, and polka dots - together

I'd love to say that about sums up my geek love, but really those were just the ones on the top of my brain. So tomorrow when you are supposed to be wearing sexy undies and acting suave, liberate yourself from coolness. Pull up your knee socks, give your Jesus bobblehead a smooch, and have a Star Trek marathon. I will salute you in my bandana, overalls, and Chucks.

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My Valentine's gift to you:

Happy Valentine's Day!