Friday, March 02, 2012

Winding River Gathering Returns March 25

I said that I wouldn't have Winding River Gathering again until I had something to say. Guess what? I have something to say and this could take awhile.

A few reminders or an introduction to Winding River Gathering for the curious. Not a religion, social club, political party, or church - WRG is my way of holding events for people who want a combination of soul/brain nutrition they can't find elsewhere.

I have friends who are peaceful punk rockers, grandmas with a radical agenda, parents looking for a compass, kids with a plan, artists, writers, thinkers, cross dressers, logic addicts, gentle hearts, bright minds, shy ones, and loud mouths. They are the vegetarians next door, the fiscal conservatives with organic gardens, the women who want the laws off their bodies, the poet doctors, the sex educators supporting the second amendment, the singles who don't like bars, and the polar opposites to all of these examples who really, really like music.

Some of us belong to an organized religion, the PTA, a book club, or some other group but are looking for something less predictable and more flexible. We want honest while compassionate interaction, play for the kids in all of us, intellectual stimulation, great music, and a chance to meet people to talk about that which we dream of, don't understand, or want to learn more about.

I find the space, musicians, and choose topics. There's a cover charge. I give a "sermon". Sometimes little girls hula hoop. Sometimes kids of all sizes skateboard. There's always music. There are door prizes. The announcements are a joke.We've been known to let out some cathartic tears and guffaws. Hungry folks buy snacks from the people we rent from. It's as simple and as laid back as that.

I have found a new space with VERY enthusiastic proprietors and the most amazing chocolate chip cookies. It is small so we have to immediately go with two services, but it is worth it to me to have a place I am 100% comfortable in run by people I like. The place is in the Fan but has good parking on Sundays.

Services will be at 2:30 and 4:00 PM. $5 - $10 cover. Our first Sunday is March 25.

I will reveal the place next week when I sign a rental agreement with the owners. I am taking goofy string light donations now.

New elements to WRG include: two services, a calendar through (hope you are sitting down for this...) August, classes, a philosophy and ideas discussion group, kid events, and more. I told you this could take awhile.

Here are some ways to keep in the loop about Winding River Gathering:

1) Subscribe to Auspicious Jots. Instructions are on this page for how to "Get Some Jots In Your Box".

2) "Like" Auspicious Jots on Facebook. Winding River page to come.

3) Follow me on Twitter. Instructions on this page.

4) Keep coming back to for more info.

Because I am expanding our offerings there will be many opportunities to volunteer before I just grab you and put you to work.

Thanks to the almost 200 supporters of Winding River who have gently and less-than-gently let me know you need and want this in your life. Thanks for giving me some space while my personal life has been in dramatic flux. Your cards, calls, visits, shout outs, offers of guest rooms, and all other missives of affection have been healing. I love you, too.

But don't think of getting that last chocolate chip cookie. It's mine.

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