Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Vespers 10/10 Home and Community

Our Vespers Readings were all on the subject of home and community. I was inspired to this topic by last week's Vespers in which several people talked about what they had seen on their way to the service which had given them pause.

One reading was by Kaaren Solveig Anderson called "Zaine's Fairy Wings." it touched on those who have moved away. The next meditative reading was on those who stay: the poem Still Life in Milford by Thomas Lynch.

Thomas Lynch is a funeral director, poet, writer, teacher, and kind person who answers his fan mail from ministers in Richmond, Virginia. He has a book of short stories to be published in '07.

Next week's Vespers will meet in the Great Hall due to the beginning of our annual juried art show, Gallery.

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