Wednesday, October 04, 2006

When Activist Artists wed

Must be the year for cool weddings. I have had some really amazing ones this year. In a previous post you were told of Jim and Dottie's nuptials IN the James River. Next up for unique and memorable were Karen and Jason.

The highlight for many was the cotton candy machine. Even my buddies, the caterers from A Sharper Palate, were impressed. I believe the friend who did cotton candy service was named Charlie. To him I say, "Charlie, all the kids under 12 and I love you."

The lovely and talented bride Karen is the designer of my conversation starting and stopping business cards. (Designed to look like a 19th century death announcement, they are square with a black border, an hourglass on one side, and on the other side my info and the words, "Specialist in concerns of death, dying, and mourning. Available for consultation." Normal folk get the heebie jeebies. Artists, lovers of goth, and undertakers think they are the BOMB.) Karen threw all the little herb vases that were gifts to guests. By THREW I mean created not tossed. They are lovely and mine was the prettiest of all because I got to pick it out while the rest of the guests were making toasts. And they say there aren't any perks left in the ministry...

There were many things that were great about this wedding, but what made it the most blog-o-rific was: best use of mod music in a wedding. They had a DJ doing the wedding music, which can be an iffy proposition. Not in this case! I felt like I was in a movie. A Sundance award winning movie. Here's the playlist.

Bridesmaid processional - "The Winner Is" by DeVotchka
Bridal March- "What the Snowman Learned About Love" by Stars
Recessional - " Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)" by The Arcade Fire

I am hoping that the Recessional will become "the usual" at kool kid nuptials.

And to learn more about Jason the groom, check him out at the blog: Caramelized Opinions.

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