Thursday, January 25, 2007

In Tune with Tuesdays

The most significant lesson of age is either how quickly things change or what a bummer it is that you'll never taste an Angelo's hot dog again.

Proponents of the timeless lesson of the Angelo's hot dog assert that you can never love anything as greatly as you do when it is gone. Angelo's served the world's best chili dogs and fries in the basement of a local department store. They are both long gone which is a terrible thing for me and my father in that we both wake from a dead sleep thinking about the hot dogs.

Those who are in the "time flies and change is constant" camp claim never to be surprised by new things. As I salivate over chili dogs I have loved, clearly I am not in this camp. However, I see their wisdom. Latest example? Tuesday nights at First UU.

On January 2, 2007 we combined our Vespers program with a simple supper and adult religious education. We have childcare provided and supper for all. And in 3 short weeks this has really taken off. The supper is delicious, Vespers are relaxing, and the classes are hugely popular. The kids seem to be having a blast, too.

So come join us next Tuesday. Yes, it is a change and it came about seemingly quickly. But unlike the demise of Angelo's, this is an improvement. Join us and we'll debate the nature of change and response. We'll share some soup. And maybe someone will show up with the recipe for Angelo's chili. It could happen.

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Anonymous said...

I too would love to have angelos recipe for his chili.