Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Southeast Winter Institute in Miami

The family unit and I have just returned from UU Winter camp, SWIM. We are all groggy and very laid back from it all. I will post a few nuggets from the experience later, but here are some highlights:
1) Anyone who self-describes as an "old hippie" is an almost sure-fire guarantee for a good conversation partner.
2) 175 UUs of all ages in Florida for a week is the ultimate cure for the horrific consumerism of the holidays in America.
3) If a man named Ray Ring ever shows up at your door wanting to take over your kitchen... let him. Ray was lead chef of a merry band of cooks and volunteers who made some of the best grub I've had in awhile. Would someone, anyone on the Richmond restaurant scene please bow down before Ray and learn to make decent salad dressings? Please? I am a convert at the church of the Green Goddess (salad dressing, that is.)
4) It is January 2, 2007 and I feel calm and at peace. Can you say the same? If not, you may want to check out SWIM.
More to come... and happy New Year!

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