Sunday, November 04, 2007

Circles are a-rollin!

This year we have worked very hard at FirstUU to get our small group ministries cranking. And it is a classic rabbit hutch scenario. People are jumping in right and left. Almost all of the groups are full and we are deciding when to start some more. I have been to the meetings of four groups and people are really enjoying this.
Feeling left out? Come on in. Small group ministries are a way for this growing church that has over 500 people actively involved to get small. The groups meet monthly and get to know each other through informal check-in and a more formal discussion on a pre-determined theme. Currently most of our groups are discussing the same themes. Believe it or not, that is it.

Or is it? Small group ministries allow for a depth of connection, discussion, introspection, and interaction that is difficult to find anywhere else. They are low pressure, high kindness. They are about time well-spent and people appreciated for their gifts and ideas. They are really quite amazing in their simplicity and their power.

And... to put on my other hat... we have them at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church in Glen Allen as well!!! How cool is that? Check us out. All of us.

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