Sunday, November 04, 2007

November Parental Haiku

Had a minute for some brief blog browsing. Went over to the big daddy of UU bloggers to see what's up. Here is Philocrites on haiku. I love poetry but am a rotten poet. In the spirit of stretching boundaries and seasonal musings though...

November 1
Halloween candy.
Sweet bouncing kids, dogs, dada -
Mama loves Heath Bars.

November 2-4
M&Ms, Reese's
Raisinets and Junior Mints
Sugar high. Can't sleep.

Back to the gym
Personal trainer -
Buff, smiling until she says,
"BMI too high."


Sisyphus said...

"BMI too high"

That reminds me of the time I plugged in my stats into one of those BMI calculators only to discover I am too short.

Psyprof said...

From the remiss, potential WA:
I did not know you liked haiku. I have become really interested in them recently and have started writing my own.