Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Decorating Techniques for the Weary

Fridays are no longer fun. I take my nasty meds on Fridays at 12:30. I then call or text my husband with something along the lines of "Snow White has bitten the apple" or "I am Three Mile Island". And then I feel crummy for a day or two.

I have been inspired by the congregants I know who find clever ways to enjoy life in the face of health routines far worse than mine. In their spirit I invited a few friends over on Friday evening for cocktails that I couldn't drink and snacks. I thought the company would be a nice thing to look forward to instead of just cataloguing side effects.

This was a good idea with some drawbacks.
1) The house needed straightening.
2) I had no energy.
3) The guest list started to grow.

The end of the story is that the guests came and we had a very nice time. My family greatly enjoyed themselves. The house was mostly ready. Everyone got to meet people they did not know. I ended Friday thinking it was a good day.

One major thing did not get done, however. There is a huge pile of magazines, cards, junkmail, children's art, and random paper on a bookcase at the front door. I had no energy to deal with it. So I left it there. Right in the living room where we were all sitting. But to show some hostess decorum I put a big note on it so my guests knew that I would have done something about it if I could have.

The note read: Picture a Tasteful Floral Arrangement Here.


ms. kitty said...

Boy, wish I'd been able to attend. I'm good at picturing order where there is none! Sometimes my congregation gets after me for that skill---I don't understand it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm going to steal that idea for sure. Though mine might be "picture edible food here."

Tara said...

Like uumomma, I am SO stealing that idea. I just cannot keep up with all the junk mail, papers/artwork from daycare, etc. Besides, it's hardly fair for guests at my house to expect me to clean that stuff up, especially if I exert myself to cook for them.

Roger Stevens said...

Good idea that. Maybe I'll start putting little notes on the things that I haven't quite got around to sorting.

Roger Stevens said...

Oh. Just seen uumomma made much the same comment. I should have read the other comments first.

Still a good idea though.

Came here via a Billy Collins link. Love him.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love it. With two fine SUUSI folks coming this weekend for an overnight visit, I might have to resort to a passel of post-it notes.

"This pile of newspapers should be in the recycling bin in the basement."

"Please do not look under this couch."

and maybe

"A lovely coffee table book should go here instead of these maps."