Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Evening News

Today's breaking news...

First from my sainted mother: "A van parked next to me at my mother’s day care recently had this written on the side:

Temple Image Paternity and Infidelity DNA Specialists
For a reflection of the truth

For what it’s worth, it had a wheelchair lift."

Now there's a joke here my mama isn't saying. I'm not sure how the joke reads but it probably involves viagara, alzheimer's, a paternity test and a punchline along the lines of... "But she can't remember."

Not that I would ever tell a joke like that.

This just in from the parking lot: My poor and formerly sweet, Alzheimer's plagued grandma cussed me out in the church parking lot yesterday. This morning she was really glad to see me and wants to go to the State Fair with me. The one good thing about Alzheimer's - moods can be forgotten. God bless that gal.

And speaking of the State Fair, I just saw on CNN that my son won 5 ribbons in the youth arts and crafts competition. Neil Cavudo (sp?) of Fox Business will be doing a 25 minute in depth interview this afternoon. Senator Barack Obama has decided to put his campaign on hold and come to the Miles family ribbon celebration in the living room this evening.

Auspicious Jots - keeping you hip to what's hot, baby.

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