Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fab List Making

What if we all had cool to do lists? What if instead of: clean kitchen, pay bills, find dog we had things like: get yet another amazing massage, put Nepal photos in scrapbook, return Prince's email TODAY ?

I come up with these things when I am not well and have health envy. I'm having a whopping load of health envy today and not just for myself. I have half a dozen people on my fret list who are going through all sorts of nasty treatments and diseases. (Wait. Make that a dozen. Ummm... hold on. Can we say twenty and leave it at that?)

Meanwhile, I know some amazingly healthy people who are doing or have done feats of bravado, strength, or sweet radness that I can only dream of. So, for those who are not at full speed right now - an impossibly cool list of things inspired in part by the healthy crew. And if you can do and desire to do something on the list, get off your booty and do them. Vicarious is ok by me.


1) buy season tickets and attend all shows of (Insert theatrical or performing art company here. If it were me - it would be the Firehouse Theatre.)

2) ride bike all over town

3) roller blade

4) do chin-ups in public place and enjoy the admiration

5) eat your favorite food without guilt, indigestion, or hives

6) dance all night

7) read a book a day for a week

8) comb hair (for my bald friends in treatment)

9) have a beer. In Hamburg. (that one's mine)

10) laugh (for my grandmother)

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Adam Byrn "Adamus" Tritt said...

This reminds me a quite a bit of the second episode of Northern Exposure. Brains, Know-how and Native Intelligence. Uncle Anku tells Joel he can't come in for treatment (Prostate Cancer) because his schedule is too full. There is birch bark to peel, berries have to be picked before the bears eat them all, I have a fish to catch and walks to take. They don't take themselves.

I want to to to Bhutan. I want to hike the AT (again) and I want that next book out. But, not too far in the back of my mind, I want to walk, lay on soft grass and watch clouds, sit all night under the moon, surf behind me, and watch a leatherback lay eggs, bake biscuits. Offer them hot to the people waling by.

They don't bake themselves.