Monday, March 31, 2014

Back Page Collection

One of the activities keeping me busy over the past months as I was not blogging was freelance writing. Some of my work has been for a German publisher and has to be bought to read -sorry 'bout that. But I have been contributing more regularly for Richmond's Weekly Magazine, Style Weekly.

I have a long, strange history with Style. My mother worked as an editor there in my youth. Naturally I considered those the glory years of the publication (until they started paying ME).

I was named one of their Top 40 under 40 one year, a huge honor. But the way the piece came out caused a bit of... let's say animated conversation. All agreed the photo by Jay Paul was jaw dropping in loveliness, however.

Style reported on my final day at one of the churches I served. That was pretty cool.

And now whenever they want something unpredictable, they call me and I write for their Back Page. Long strange trip it is. I hope to keep truckin' with Style.

Here are the 4 columns I've done so far. If you like them, let Style know. I like their assignments they offer me and their checks always clear.

Sci Fi Socio Political Parenting Piece (With Ed Harrington's very creepy graphic. I love it.)

New Year's Resolutions 2014

Some Sodomy Humor

How Obama Can Win the 2012 Election (Voter sex piece.)

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