Saturday, March 29, 2014

Luddite Lament

"And now I'm back... from outer space... you just walked in to see me here with that same look upon my face..."

 I have been locked out of the Jots world for MONTHS. Madness, chaos, misplaced passwords, rabid procrastination, technology continuing to advance while I wonder where I put the instructions for my stereo.

Oh, yeah, and now that I am back I see all the stuff I was trying to fix on this thing when I locked myself out. Ugh. No wonder it took me so long to get back. Luddite life - you never really put it behind you.

Well, this loooong silence no doubt separated the wheat from the chaff as far as my dear twelve fans are concerned. I have so much to update the remaining three of you on! There have been publications. There have been radio shows. There have been T-shirts designed! There are zines in the works. There was the world's zaniest birthday cake. Most importantly, I neither broke any part of my body nor had any catastrophe.

The only bad news is that I work six jobs in order to keep my children in shoes that fit. They are very tall and I daily wonder how that happened. The balance is that one of those jobs is paying for health insurance. I can't afford a co-pay yet but... baby steps.

So, if all goes well (toes and neck hair crossed) this is the first of several entries bringing us back together and caught up. Please feel free to say hi in the comments. I've missed you three.


Jeannie Wermuth said...

Well Hi there, loved it especially "rabid procrastination", gotta use that somewhere.

Christine said...

OK, number two here. (I try harder? I'm old enough to remember that commercial?)

Ira Cottrell said...

Only six jobs? You really must cinch up a bit more; the Koch brothers and the other suffering one percenters really need that tax reduction!
Now that you are back, think LIBERATION THEOLOGY; 21st century, north American style, and non-ecclesiastical!

The Jotter said...

Ah, three of my faves and not a one of you is related to me. Good to hear from you all. Jeannie - remember the pickle label you found in your art supplies? It had some deep message on it in your handwriting which made you think you had been hypnotized at some point. Find a pudding label and write "rabid procrastination" on it.