Sunday, March 30, 2014

Newcomer Introduction

Wanna know what I've been to since conception? First - you need a better hobby. Second - well, ok.

Life History or at least the good parts.

1970's - Idyllic childhhood in Richmond, Virginia filled with urban living, roller skating, dancing,reading and marching to the beat of a tune heard only in my noggin.

1980's - Discover boys, DIY fashion design, poetry, Prince, and an interest in theology. Go to college. Fail to fit in. Revel in that.

1990's - Throw away youth on formal education including seminary. Learn that hate is a word reserved for: endless committee meetings, traditional worship styles, cookie cutter weddings and funerals. Determine that organized religion can easily disintegrate into a 4 letter word. Tap into an unknown gift of calm and comfort in the face of death. Go into hospice work because death is not the worst thing that can happen to a person.

2000's - Have babies! Love babies! Have babies suck the life out of me. Brainwashed by unknown forces (aliens? ghosts? zombies?) to go back into parish ministries within "organized" religion for over 6 years. Transform the concepts of death rituals and worship experience for a small set of religious liberals who reward me greatly. Blog, rebuild some crucial closets and bathrooms of the Gulf Coast after Hurricane Katrina, learn a ridiculous amount about death, dying, grief, funerals, cemeteries, and death related legislation. Leave parish ministry in search of sanity, time with the "babies", and a family business.

2010's - A roller coaster. High points include teaching hundreds of students on a variety of topics, writing, protesting uterus obsessed legislation, mentoring the "babies" in State Fair arts and crafts competitions, learning to play full body tambourine in New Orleans. Low points include family tragedies and marital dissolution. You can't have everything, right?

These days - Revel in the opportunity to provide my offspring with an idyllic childhood in Richmond. Rejoice in urban living, roller skating, dancing, reading and marching to the beat of a tune heard only in my noggin.

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