Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Book abuse

Yes, I am still a luddite. Can't help it. Two children under age 5, a congregation, the biological need for food and sleep... it's too much to keep up with how to work the VCR, the DVD player, my XM radio, online banking, the office spreadsheet, my cell phone, mail merge, listservs, voicemail, and my camera. Now that I look over that list, I believe I am a modified luddite. I only want to destroy the technological advancements I can't figure out.

All of this is to explain why I have put the following link below in an unacceptable fashion. It is Schott's Sunday NY Times essay on the many ways to get your money's worth from a book. Schott is an unrepentant book abuser after my own heart. He is rather low-tech, too, which I admire greatly. Hope you can link. If not, well, life isn't easy either. Consider it a life lesson.


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