Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hot Topics in Book Groups

For those of you who have not made any of the book groups, just a taste of what the most engaging, enraging, exciting books of the year have been.

The Sparrow - This sci-fi surprise choice has brought about almost constant conversation. People in other book groups are talking about this one. Of all the books discussed this year, it would appear that this is the one you should be reading.

The Great Transformation - This one required the group to have two meetings. Further discussion has ensued in the Bible class and the New UU class. It appears that this is the book most likely to keep you thinking, talking, and re-reading.

The Wake of War - This non-fiction collection of first person interviews is a must read before you pick up the paper or listen to the talk radio pundits. The lack of commentary is a bonus in the book. The people of Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan do all the talking. Much of what is currently happening is predicted three years ago by the people interviewed in this book.

Snow - One of the most stunning pieces of literature, it is the beautiful writing that makes this one so amazing. And since it appears we won't be seeing any snow this year, the constant blizzard in the background is a bonus.

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