Monday, March 26, 2007

Real Moms Make Long Lists and Lose Them

Lizard Eater was kind enough to tag me with the Real Moms meme, but my sorry butt can't get it together long enough to respond. I was kicking myself about this today and realized how that's a very real mom thing to do.

So, here's the thing: Real Moms make long lists to get their personal, professional, physical, and family life in order. When the list is done we make a big relieved sigh. Within two hours the list has gone AWOL. The list disappears in a purse or diaper bag. The 4 year old rolls down the windows in the car and the list flies out. (True story.) The list gets dropped at the cashier, bank teller, changing table, front porch.

My latest list included putting up my Real Mom post in honor of all the other Real Moms. But I can't find my camera. I can't find the list. And I can't find the cord that links the camera to the computer. (Insert favorite expletives here.)

What I did find:
* my cold-eeze for the cold I've been fighting for 4 days (missing 36 hours)
* Lizard Eater's blog (missing 2 weeks)
* my purple leather jacket (missing all winter and was in the closet the whole time)
* toddler's hair clip (for once NOT missing, which was puzzling)
*4 year old's school folder (missing since Friday at 3)
* my sense of humor (missing 18 days)

Yeah, there's no photo with this Real Mom post. Real Moms know better than to provide insurmountable rules for other Moms. For those of you who haven't seen any of these Real Mom things, go over to Lizard Eater's blog through my links. She'll get you to it. I have a list somewhere that tells me how to link stuff but it's with my camera.

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Lizard Eater said...

#1 Be proud! Out of all the moms I tagged, you're the FIRST to post.

#2 I couldn't figure out how to post my link at first either. You have to scroll to the middle of the page and put it in comments. Don't worry about it, I took the liberty of doing it for you.

#3 Drink more water.