Monday, October 08, 2007

Beautiful Urns

Unfortunately, I don't find enough urns that pass the Unitarian Universalist aesthetics challenge. When at the National Funeral Directors' Convention I am always on the lookout for an artisan who does an urn I think my congregation would like.

Here's a delightful craftsman. His name is John Berger and he is out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. For those of you looking for affordable, handmade, natural, and not "urny" looking urns - this is your man. He has great prices. I mean GREAT. And the photo doesn't do justice to the work. They are maple urns in a variety of sizes with tung oil finishes that can be natural or dyed most any color in the rainbow.
This is John's first NFDA convention. If you would like to contact him, he's at

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Hafidha said...

So does one buy the urn ahead of time, and just sort of "save it" for that rainy day, or does one hang on to this man's email and hope he hasn't changed internet service providers in (crossing fingers) 50-65 years?