Monday, October 29, 2007

Evening Service a Success

My goodness, that went well.

Our first evening service was last night. Over 70 people came. We had a wonderful poet in First UU member Susan Williams. We had an enthusiastic and generous artist in Lori Valenti, who not only made art but encouraged children to make an artistic response. We had the 6 man band of the century. Only two of these dudes had played together before I put them in a band for a week. All of them said they'd like to do it again. They were fun to work with AND they are all talented.

We had teens, young adults, wee ones, grandparents, the thirty-fifty somethings, and one service dog who prefers not to have her age revealed. We had ten to fifteen visitors, one of whom came out wide-eyed and exclaimed, "Is this what all of your services are like?!?" In a word... no. But more will be.

There are some details that need some ironing, parts I want more or less of, mistakes I don't intend to repeat, but for our first time out the whole thing was, well... great.

Thank you to the many, MANY who helped behind the scenes. And for all who not only came out, but also brought your friends. See you again on January 27, 2008, 6:00 PM when the theme is The Blues.


Michael said...

Congratulations! As if there was any doubt that you'd rock.


VideoRose said...

sorry that I missed it, I heard it went great! will I see you sometime when im in richmond? do i have to come to church to do so?

Every 7th Day said...

Thanks for the support, y'all! And in order to see me in Richmond, your best bet is to go to a UU church. Or a music venue, so maybe there's hope. I WILL be at the Hank III show at Toad's in a couple of weeks, hope you can join.