Friday, October 19, 2007

Lyrics and Paper Plates

I am doing the most miserable thing I can think of. No, I'm not going back to Vegas. I am having my kitchen re-done. "Agony. Heartache. Starvation." These are the words that come to mind.

"Hideous. Useless. 11 years of crap... " These are the words that come to my husband's mind concerning the current state of the kitchen. He won. The demolition begins Monday.

The demolition and remodeling are being done by none other than my favorite singer/songwriter Billy Hatley and a man we'll call Dave. In honor of Billy's work and to calm my anxiety I have begun to put graffiti all over my kitchen. They are snippets from Billy's songs and they are on the walls, under drawers, in cabinets.

Over the stove: "I can't complain, how bout you?"

Under the trash can: "Don't you worry bout the hoot owl hootin' in the tree. He's not hootin' at you. He's not hootin' at me."

Where the Tupperware lived: "You gotta' go to school, so get your ass out of bed!"

Where the paint has peeled: "Teenage beauty queen, leader of the whole scene, went and got your nose stuck in the wrong thing..."

None of them make any sense on their own. But together they remind me of songs, concerts, friends, dancing, and laughter. That is SOOO much better than agony, heartache and starvation. I've also let Billy know that I fully expect not only a new kitchen but a new song to come out of this. Knowing Billy, he'll claim to have written it on the sub-flooring after they lay the new one.

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