Thursday, June 19, 2008

Funeral Convention Juxtapositions

As if going to a ski resort in the middle of June did not already take some adjusting, here are some mismatched couples from this week's convention...

A hearse in the ski lodge parking lot
Hearses on the bunny slope
An open burial vault at the chair lift

Embalming fluid displays and free candy
Burial vaults with free "Vault" soda (I liked that one.)

On People
The "Got HCHO?" t-shirts (embalming fluid)
Every gathering sounded like the beginning of a joke, "3 Undertakers, a Minister, and an organ procurement specialist are at cocktail hour..."

Most difficult moment
Our 12 year old friend trying to explain to my 5 year old why one display casket was really really small.

Best moment
The 5 year old taught himself how to dive. The vacation part was a lovely change for me.

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