Friday, June 20, 2008

Travel Season

I like other people's vacation pictures. It's a weird affinity. I have a few rules - you have to be a decent photographer; you have to be a friend willing to tell me the stories of your trip; you gotta' stop when I cry "uncle." Otherwise, it's all good.
Tim is in China. See below. He promises that he is not eating snake gallbladder, chicken foot, or stir-fried bullfrog. But, doesn't knowing that make the Great Wall look even cooler?

Eli and Simon went on a roadtrip across the US. We met them on the Mississippi leg of the trip. This is from Big Sur. Eli is a Buddhist who makes cool computer presentations that combine movies and a non-dualistic philosophy of peace. His subconscious melded with my subconscious in Mississippi at the work camp. His subconscious told me to buy a Mac.

John and Vicky are in Yellowstone. She's sending sweet emails to let us know they haven't been eaten by bears and that the vacation is truly THAT GREAT. The stinker hasn't sent a photo yet.
My other photo-related quirk is that I take pictures of food. I have decades of Thanksgiving pictures that are of my plate. Not only do I enjoy food, but I remember my travels through food. Here is one of my favorite Mississippi treats - a snowball. This one's flavor was called Frog in a Blender. Like all snowballs, it tasted like sugar. But a snowball is all about the texture, and wooooooweeeee this was a great snowball. That's Robert pouring it. We picked on Robert for being 9 and working at the snowball stand. He was a good sport.

2 comments: said...

I always enjoy looking at other people's vacation pictures and listening to their stories of their travels. I suppose it's a way of living vicariously through their travels, or of broadening my horizons or something like that.
Thanks for posting these!

Eli said...

Not just a Mac. An iPhone too. ;-)

For some reason I shy away from identity labels. I prefer to say I am a participant on the Buddhist path at the moment but perhaps next year, I will be partaking on the Unitarian path, maybe as a visitor of your church. ;-)