Sunday, June 15, 2008

What Side Effects?

I am born again. Thanks to the bright and helpful rheumatologist we will call Dr. Superstar, I have less pain than I have had in years. Possibly 15 years. The sky is bluer. The jokes are funnier. Everyone is good-looking.

No. Dr. Superstar did not send me to Canada for r & r. He put me on steroids for a brief time until I start the big gun meds. Steroids rock!

The deep lines in my brow from pain have virtually disappeared. My fussiness in the AM is gone. I had to run 20 feet to grab something quickly and... I could.

Why am I telling you this? Many of my readers already figured it out by the times my blog entries were posting. Others saw it in the time stamp of my emails... Mama hasn't slept much this week. I've been working every night until 2:30 or so. Happily. In the comfort of my own body.

Side effect. Superstar warned me and said with a smile, "You'll have enough energy to clean your neighbor's house, too."

I know that steroids are a dangerous drug. I know that I only get to feel the fantabulous, beautiful, amazing relief of them for two weeks. But I also know that I haven't felt like this in years. I feel my age for a change. Who knew I am so young?

Male secondary sexual side effects? So what? Might go blind? Who cares? Can't participate in the Beijing Olympics? Well, that one is kind of a bummer. But instead I will write the next Rocky screenplay, put in my two cents in California government, and meet lots of baseball players.

Hey, let's go outside and lift my neighbor's Mini Cooper!


ms. kitty said...

Wow! It's marvelous that you're feeling so good! Side effects be damned, enjoy it, E7D!

Lizard Eater said...

I can see it now.

AP: On January 15 and February 13, the committee will hold hearings to obtain additional information regarding the Report to the Commissioner of Ministry of an Independent Investigation into the Illegal use of Steroids and Other Performance Enhancing Substances by Ministers in Unitarian Universalist Congregations, commonly known as the “Gravel Report.”

The first hearing will include testimony from Senator Mike Gravel, Rev. William Sinkford and Candidate Reverends Hallman and Morales. Invited witnesses for the second hearing include Rev. Anon E. Muss, Rev. Auspicious Jots and Mr. Roger Clemens.

One independent witness reports the aforementioned Rev. Jots as having conducted a full canvass, preached 2 morning sermons and a Soulful Sundown, and rebuilt the church sanctuary into a "green space," all by 9 am one Sunday.

ms. kitty said...

Rev. Jots! I love it!

Every 7th Day said...

Yeah, that's pretty much how it went. Sorry to say that the booster pack is now gone. Toes are getting sore. Mood is souring. And I could really use a nap.