Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Back to the Bible Grindstone

I'm teaching my Bible class again. I love this class. I have to have the most rad combination of Bible students ever gathered. There's about a 60 year age range, lots of personality, sceptics, agnostics, faith repairers and rebuilders, Hebrew scholars, (OK - just one, but he's tall so he seems like more), and some Bible newbies. I spend way too much time with my nose in commentaries, textbooks, and study Bibles to prepare each week, but I really love the class.

Come and join us. Rumor has it that you've never been taught Bible like this, but I don't know what they mean by that. (It appears to be meant as a compliment.)

WHEN: Sundays 9:30 AM in the Library of First UU Richmond

WHAT: 5 weeks of Genesis study

HOW: We go over multiple schools of bib-crit including: source, text, literary, and Alane-o-pastiche (that would be my school.)

MORE INFO: Check out my other blog Biblical Intrigues or come on out. We are doing this leg of study until 2nd week in October.

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