Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Water Ceremony Last Sunday

As publicized, we did our water ceremony a little differently this year. In the past, people have verbally shared stories about their water: where it came from, what they did or did not do this summer, etc. This year I was so upset by the violence across the world, but particularly the eruption in Lebanon and Israel, that I felt we needed a more somber event.

The themes of the service were: water, peace, and a sense of home. My partner in ministry, Jeanne, told stories that were meaningful to all ages about water, hope, and peace. I talked about water and the sense of home. (Home is where the water doesn't taste funny to you.) Everyone brought their water up and then placed pins in maps showing where they came from. It was a well-received service, and I am glad we made the change. (You just never know until you do it if these changes will work.)

A few words from the service: We bring water from our travels to represent the journey within. We bring water to contribute to the community. To share. This year we do this silently. In honor of those who did not have the luxury of respite this summer. In honor of those who knew no peace. In honor of those looking for home.

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